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Tim Ameel
Dept. Chair, Professor
Office: 1580 MEK
Lab: Bldg. 60
(801) 585-9730
Microscale thermal fluid phenomena
Microscale energy systems
Heat Exchangers
Mathematical modeling of thermal fluid systems
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Microscale Thermal Fluids

Marc Calaf
Assistant Professor
Office: 2547 MEK
Lab: 1285 MEK
(801) 587-3253
Atmospheric Sciences and Turbulence
Fluid Mechanics
Wind Farms Physics
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Wind, Energy & Turbulence

Kuan Chen
Associate Professor
Office: 1157 MEK
Labs: 1371 & 2235 MEB
(801) 581-4150
Heat Transfer
Fluid Dynamics
Micro System Technology

Acoustics & Vibrations

Mathieu Francoeur
Associate Professor
Office: 2576 MEK
Lab: 2285 MEK
(801) 581-8721
Radiation heat transfer
Nanoscale heat transport,
Photovoltaic and thermophotovoltaic energy conversion
Surface polariton coupling in nanostructures
Optical characterization
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Radiative Energy Transfer

Henry Fu
Associate Professor
Office: 2563 MEK
(801) 581-4119
Low-Reynolds number hydrodynamics
Biomechanics and biophysics
Complex biomaterials
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Fluids and Biomechanics
James Guilkey
Research Associate Professor
Office: 413 CME
(801) 581-8709
Computational Solid Mechanics and Fluid Structure Interaction
Mechanical Response of Multi-Cellular Constructs
Multi-Scale Simulation
Todd Harman
Office: 414 CME
(801) 585-5145
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction
Supersonic flows
Large scale simulations
Patrick McMurtry
Office: 412 CME
Lab: 171 MEK
(801) 581-3889
Fluid Mechanics
Numerical Simulation and algorithm development
Multi-material flows
Supersonic flows
Large Eddy Simulations
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Meredith Metzger
Associate Professor
Office: 2543 MEK
Lab: Bldg. 60
(801) 581-5032
Experimental fluid dynamics with an emphasis on pollutant dispersion, turbulent mixing, and high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer physics.
Development of experimental techniques and sensors for fundamental fluid dynamic and atmospheric measurements.

Turbulence & Renewable Energy

Eric Pardyjak
Office: 1011 MEK
Lab: Bldg. 60
(801) 585-6414
Fluid mechanics
Atmospheric turbulence
Urban fluid mechanics
Stratified turbulence
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Environmental Fluid Dynamics

Keunhan (Kay) Park
Assistant Professor
Office: 2672 MEK
Labs: 1361 MEB; 2285 MEK
(801) 581-4260
Fundamental understanding of micro/nanoscale heat and mass transport
Tip-based nanoscale imaging, spectroscopy, and manufacturing
Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional nanoparticles for biomedical and energy applications
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Micro/Nanoscale Energy Transport & Conversion

Amanda Smith
Assistant Professor
Office: 1151 MEK
Lab: 2121 MEK
(801) 6485
Distributed energy technologies
Alternative energy systems
Building energy simulation
Energy efficiency
Thermal energy storage
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Site-Specific Energy Systems

Rob Stoll
Associate Professor
Office: 1012 MEK
Lab: Bldg 60; 1285 MEK
(801) 581-3405
Fluid mechanics in the environment
Computational fluid dynamics
Large-eddy simulation
Atmospheric boundary layer
Land-atmosphere interactions
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Computational & Environmental Fluid Dynamics

Kent Stewart Udell
Office: 1016 MEK
Lab: 1157 MEB
(801) 585-0369
Contaminated aquifer restoration
Enhanced petroleum recovery
Fluid mechanics
Heat transfer
Mass transfer

Sustainable Energy